Meditation and the Chakras



Meditation and the Chakras is one of our Certificate electives. It can be completed as a stand-alone program with credits towards your Certificate.

Chakras are an incredible tool for self-discovery, personal growth and meditation written about in ancient Yogic philosophy.  Each chakra is a world of its own that unlocks key aspects of our personality and unconscious world. This program takes an extensive journey into the chakras and allows you to become confident at understanding and using them as a tool for meditation, self-awareness and personal development. For each chakra you will explore the meaning and life issues covered, explore the ways that blockages in the chakra manifest in your daily life and your physical body, and how to overcome them by addressing the underlying emotional or mental issues.

You will learn a variety of meditation techniques to enable you to work with a particular chakra as well as affirmations and journaling questions. So much fun, so fascinating and a real journey! You submit your answers every fortnight (assuming you spend a week on each chakra- you can spend longer) and receive written feedback for each section, as well as a Skype coaching call at any time throughout the program.

Please Note: You will be sent an email with the Download link once payment is finalized.  Check your Spam folder if you have not received this in your Inbox.


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