Journalling for Clarity – A 6 Week Fully Coached Program



This is also one of our Certificate electives. It can be completed as a stand-alone program with credits towards your Certificate.

Meditation is one component of holistic self-care. We need other activities to take care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Preceding meditation with journalling is an excellent way to clear the mind and process the day’s events. It helps to shift emotions and bring clarity and insight. Most of all, it helps us to reconnect to our inner selves, which can bring greater depth to our meditations, allow less obstructed entry into meditative states and open the way to deeper insights about ourselves. I find it also helps inform the most appropriate technique and focus to utilize in my meditation time as I can bring specific soothing through meditation to particular issues running in my life.

This daily 6 week journalling program is designed for use alongside your daily meditation practice. It contains specific activities that can be translated for use with groups as well as healing activities. This program covers;

  • the validation of feelings,
  • transforming negative feelings,
  • building self-esteem,
  • building inner resources,
  • healing emotional wounds as well as
  • opening your heart to the wonder and joy of life.

As with all electives, this elective is fully supported by your coach, includes a Skype support call at any time and written feedback.

Please Note: You will be sent an email with the Download link once payment is finalized.  Check your Spam folder if you have not received this in your Inbox.

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