A Free Simple Guided Breath Meditation for you to experience

Since I have been enjoying the simple but incredible joys of caring for a newborn, my daily meditation routine has had to become simpler and more flexible. Returning to a simple guided breath meditation has been like a breath of fresh air; clarifying, strengthening and refreshing. Breath meditation does just that. It provides all the power, peace and healing benefits of meditation without the brain having to do too much hard work.

A simple guided breath meditation:



-Centres and grounds


-Releases tension and stress

-Clarifies the mind

-Reconnects me to a spiritual place

…and so much more.

The power of the breath can’t be underestimated. Without our breath we would die. Breathing is the first thing we did when we were born and it will be the last thing we do before we die. It is life giving, life sustaining and essential to our physical existence.

I really wanted to share this with you.  So I brought you into my meditation this morning to demonstrate to you the power of the simple breath.  I was expecting a short exercise, but instead it became a full length meditation and bubs stayed asleep the whole time…and is still asleep now!

I love the magic of meditation.  Do enjoy this simple guided breath meditation entitled “Simplicity”. I got so much out of it and trust you will too.  There is no background music, It’s raw and recorded just as I did it for myself.

Click on the link below to access this 30 minute guided meditation with our compliments.

Simplicity meditation

Lisa Forde

Director- Australian Centre for Holistic Studies



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