Why study meditation teaching online?

Some people love the convenience of online study and others are yet to be convinced. You may be looking at various meditation teacher training courses both online and face to face and weighing up which course to choose. Read this article before making up your mind.

Online learning is not what it used to be and deserves a second look. In fact it can in some ways be better than solely face to face…

Here’s why we think so:

  1. The convenience. No need to pay for a baby sitter or use up precious babysitting favours. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home on winter nights to learn. You can wait till the kids are asleep or in bed, or the end of the working week and all you have to do is get comfy, grab a cuppa and open your laptop.
  2. Environmentally friendly. No wads of paper. No petrol. No wear and tear on your car. Our school is 95% paperless. If you really want to you can print your manuals but you don’t need to. (If you do we would love you to use recycled paper.)
  3. Limitless interactive and multidimensional learning. In a classroom you only have limited time to interact with your teacher or experience a meditation. In contrast, one of our online sessions contains many meditations to listen to, it can contain videos, text, ask you to record your voice when guiding a meditation and a variety of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning experiences. Isn’t technology wonderful? You get so many more experiences, a wider range of learning tasks and as a result, very clear and specific feedback.
  4. More one on one support. In our courses your classes are conducted one on one on Skype with your coach. A half hour call for each session and elective. In a classroom you might never ask the question you really want to, but in a one on one environment, it’s intimate and like talking to a trusted friend; all the attention is on YOU. You won’t get that in a classroom.
  5. If you are a social butterfly who loves to meet people you can STILL do that! Our student forum allows you to communicate with all the other students in a fun and easy way. This allows students in the same area to meet up and all students to connect if they wish to and even attend each other’s meditation groups.  One of our core sessions actually involves you working one on one with another student to complete the activities in the session!  Pretty social don’t you think?
  6. If you like to meditate in a group, you can still do that. In fact we encourage it! Attend your local meditation group/workshop or retreat when it suits you and gain credits towards this requirement for your Diploma! Get together with other students in your area (we teach Australia-wide) and start a meditation group.
  7. Oh and did I mention we also run retreats! That means you will actually get to meet your teachers and fellow students and we get to meditate together. This is also a requirement for the Diploma.
  8. Developing your own personal meditation practice is an important part of our training. Built into our core training is ongoing one on one Skype mentoring to support you in developing and committing to a daily meditation practice. We even provide you with an online library of meditations to listen to. The beauty of online resources.
  9. It’s all pretty simple. You need to have a computer, internet connection, you need to be able to record your voice on say a phone or other recording device and send it to us. For your assessment you need to do the same with a video. Most of us have done this before or know someone who can help us with it. That’s all there is to it.
  10. What matters is the content! If the content is clear, sound and well delivered then you will learn what you need to learn. Since we don’t have the expense of hiring a premises to teach, we can focus our resources on building amazing course content and that is what we have done. The content in our Meditation Teaching courses is relevant and useful and will facilitate an informative and growth filled journey. We also believe that your growth continues well beyond the course. So….once you graduate we offer you continued access to our student and graduates forum for ongoing support at no charge!  You are also welcome to complete further electives, attend our retreats at discounted rates and stay a part of the ACHS community for as long as you would like to. All possible because of technology.

Not all online courses are the same. We think ours is special.

We would also love to hear your thoughts.




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