Teachers meditation, meditation for school teachers, mindfulness for teachers

School Teachers who Meditate…

Become peaceful warriors serving on the front line of a fundamental area of our society.

Teachers experience countless stressful situations and are faced daily with expectations that require them to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Teaching in the world today is vastly different to teaching a decade ago… and our Teachers need resources, skills and support with the precious work they do so that they can keep doing this work.

Meditation and Mindfulness gives teachers incredibly useful destressing skills… skills that can see them feel more patient and compassionate with their students.  Skills that can support them in releasing any of the days negativity and leading a more flowing, peaceful and balanced life.

In this beautifully articulated Tedx video, see passionate High School Teacher Lisa Klein share her story and see why Meditation can be an invaluable resource.


At ACHS we offer accredited vocational courses and short personal development courses that support you in your journey with meditation and mindfulness, for your personal or professional development. See the links below:





Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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