A free guided experience – your Abundance Meditation

We all have dreams that we want to build.  We can expend tons of energy, time and money to try and make things happen, but ultimately it’s our state of being that determines the outcome; where we are at mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Abundance is a state of being. When you feel abundant, you attract […]

A Free Guided Meditation gift for the festive season from ACHS

Please accept our gift to you this Holiday season. A 33 minute free guided meditation capturing the beauty, joy and magic of the holidays and harnessing it for our healing and manifesting. Enjoy this free guided meditation in a cosy and safe time and place when you can be by yourself or with someone you love […]

What is an honest meditation practise and why do I need one?

When conducting their daily meditation practise, students get caught up in the worry that they are “doing it wrong”.  That if you’re not feeling great, then you’re not doing it well.  We can easily turn meditation into yet another thing to tick off the “to do list”.  Something we need to achieve in, strive to […]

How do I carve a career doing what I love?

It takes a blind leap of faith to embark on a new course or career path not knowing what lies ahead. For many, the fear of the unknown that this concept induces is enough to stop them dead in their tracks. We can’t see what’s ahead so we close our mind to it. As the […]

A Free Simple Guided Breath Meditation for you to experience

Since I have been enjoying the simple but incredible joys of caring for a newborn, my daily meditation routine has had to become simpler and more flexible. Returning to a simple guided breath meditation has been like a breath of fresh air; clarifying, strengthening and refreshing. Breath meditation does just that. It provides all the […]

How do you process tragedy in the world today?

We have all heard about the senseless chemical bombings in Syria with hundreds of people (especially women and children) being horrifically affected. Some choking to death and others terribly injured. http://www.theage.com.au/world/1300-killed-in-chemical-attack-in-damascus-say-syrian-rebels-20130821-2sbvg.html?gclid=CLSnteyJrboCFUtFpQodqHUAlg How do we process such tragedy? Initial feelings might include anger,outrage, horror at the injustice – natural, normal human reactions. Yet think of the ripple […]

A free guided heart Meditation

Our hearts are sensitive and our emotions require care and nurturing. Healing the heart from the inevitable hurts, disappointments and betrayals of life is an ongoing process.As we focus our meditation on the heart, we not only heal the defenses and walls that we have put up (understandably) to keep ourselves safe from further heartbreak, but […]

The Spirit of Meditation

In meditation we can potentially reach feelings of blissful joy, truth, purity and connection to something greater.  These feelings are at the core of us all and with gentle and consistent application we can reach them regularly in meditation. So why is it important to connect to these feelings? The answer for me is that […]

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