Highlighting our Students: Amy Benn

All of our students bring a wealth of personal experience and passion to their studies. We are blessed to hear many stories of surviving and thriving thanks to their meditation practice, their studies and more. Here is an interview with ACHS student Amy Benn; an inspiring student who walks her talk and has found an exciting […]

How to handle nerves when guiding meditations or presenting.

Today I had a really interesting conversation with the Diploma supervision group on how to handle nerves when guiding meditation or presenting to a group. I thought it might be really useful to share some of this collectively gathered wisdom and experience with all of you. So I hope you find it helpful for your […]

Teachers meditation, meditation for school teachers, mindfulness for teachers

School Teachers who Meditate…

Become peaceful warriors serving on the front line of a fundamental area of our society. Teachers experience countless stressful situations and are faced daily with expectations that require them to go above and beyond the call of duty. Teaching in the world today is vastly different to teaching a decade ago… and our Teachers need […]

free guided meditation

A Simple Wish

**Try our complimentary Meditation** In meditation we can allow for space to breathe and connect to our inherent ability to have hope. Hope for a new day filled with possibility, hope for peace, hope for prosperity, hope for health. Here is a meditation ‘A Simple Wish’. And may it be granted because you are worthy […]

Meditation teacher training, meditation for growth, meditation, mindfulness

Healing meditation is like an ancient tree…

Healing meditation is like an ancient tree upon which we can rest our backs… a wise and steadfast tree, supporting us while we take a breather and recuperate. When we rest like this healing occurs, inspiration bubbles up and we grow. This is what happens for me when I meditate… Hi, I’m Julie, the Senior […]

Meditation and the Inner Child

Having spent over 6 years learning from and working with my holistic living counselling teacher Alannah Dore, I learned about something very profound that changed the way I manage my life (especially my emotional life).  That emotional honesty and validation of the inner child are the cornerstone of healing, self love and personal success. This […]

Why study meditation teaching online?

Some people love the convenience of online study and others are yet to be convinced. You may be looking at various meditation teacher training courses both online and face to face and weighing up which course to choose. Read this article before making up your mind. Online learning is not what it used to be and […]

Top 10 Holistic Business Tips

I have been self employed for 90% of my working life and the last 15 years I have worked in holistic wellness. As I know so many of you are setting up or nurturing holistic wellness businesses I thought you might be interested in some things that I have learned in growing my business to […]

Meditation teacher training

Bronte’s story; how learning to teach meditation transformed my business

Meet ACHS graduate, Bronte Spicer. She shares how learning to teach meditation by completing the Advanced Certificate transformed her business… I stumbled upon the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies when I was searching online for my ‘next course’ to help grow my business. My income was fairly limited at the time, offering Reiki, but I […]

Struggling with daily meditation? Here’s some help!

Struggling with daily meditation? Try our six steps to success.. 1. REMEMBER YOUR ‘WHY’ ‘Why’ do you want to meditate each day? What are the benefits you will receive? Write a list of all of the benefits (physiological, emotional, mental, social, psychological) you receive, or will receive, when you meditate daily and place it somewhere […]

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