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Healing meditation is like an ancient tree…

Healing meditation is like an ancient tree upon which we can rest our backs… a wise and steadfast tree, supporting us while we take a breather and recuperate.

When we rest like this healing occurs, inspiration bubbles up and we grow.

This is what happens for me when I meditate… Hi, I’m Julie, the Senior Coach and Assistant Principal at ACHS.

As well as this I also run regular groups with adults and children and love so much that I am able to have a career that reflects what my heart desires.

Having meditation in my life helps me to grow, working with the students at the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies helps me grow and sharing meditation with my community helps me grow – it’s truly amazing.

We look forward to sharing these growth moments with you.

Here is a healing meditation for you (recorded live): Ancient Tree Meditation

Enjoy this free healing meditation recording.  If you would like to learn to create meditations that can bring healing and peace to others, investigate our vocational and short courses in Meditation Teaching.

Julie Bond-Rowe  teaches meditation in her home town of Strathbogie, Victoria and runs the premier meditation website for children’s meditations.  Julie has co-authored and teaches the Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology and Meditation for Parents and Children Electives at ACHS.

Photo by Surya Prakosa on Unsplash


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