A free guided heart Meditation

Our hearts are sensitive and our emotions require care and nurturing. Healing the heart from the inevitable hurts, disappointments and betrayals of life is an ongoing process.As we focus our meditation on the heart, we not only heal the defenses and walls that we have put up (understandably) to keep ourselves safe from further heartbreak, but as we melt these down, we open to more joy, love and connection than we ever knew possible. Heart Meditations are gentle and nurturing, just when we need it most. As we move forward we do so with the wisdom and experience that guides us in setting healthy boundaries but also approaching life with optimism and trust – always expecting the best. Here is a free guided Heart Meditation for you today to keep the healing moving forward and to open up to joy, light and illumination. Enjoy this quiet, healing time for you. (37 minute audio)

If you are experiencing emotional difficulties then an experienced and compassionate counsellor can also be of great assistance. Remember it’s ok to look around until you find the right person to help you.

Enjoy this free guided heart meditation with our compliments

Lisa Forde

Australian Centre for HolisticStudies


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