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Meditation is a wonderful and interesting process. Each time you sit down to meditate you can have a vastly different experience.

At the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies (ACHS) we have a special philosophy around the way we think about and teach meditation.

We see meditation as a very useful tool for personal growth, inner peace, personal enlightenment, relaxation, stress relief, health and well being and so much more.

The benefits of daily practice cannot be underestimated.  This is a powerful tool and the more you explore it, the more this becomes clear. Meditation, combined with a holistic, healthy lifestyle is a great cure-all for the things that ail us in our modern society.  The wisdom of the ancients is available to us every day if we choose to tap into this incredible resource within.

Our philosophy around teaching meditation and training meditation teachers is that meditation should also be enjoyable, exciting and an adventure.  There are so many meditation techniques available that there will be a technique that suits each individual. This means meditation need never be boring or dull.

The greatest challenge in meditation apart from establishing a regular routine is the personal development and growth that is asked of us in order to let go, reach deeper states and overcome our daily inner resistance to trust and surrender.  That’s why at ACHS we take a holistic approach to teaching meditation and training meditation teachers.  At ACHS we specialize in meditation teacher training, stress management and personal development as a combined approach.

We understand that it’s the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that sit under the surface that create the  resistance, and we teach the tools to help you deal with these.

We also aim to make meditation an engaging and wonderful experience no matter what level you have reached.  In our courses we offer training in guiding beautiful, relaxing and profound creative visualizations that seduce us into relaxation and blissful meditative states.  We also teach meditation techniques suitable to all levels of ability including Moving Meditation, Health Meditation, Insight Meditation, Mantras, Creative Visualization Meditation and much more. We provide wonderful Meditation Retreats (live-in and home based) that allow you to deepen your practice and open to new ideas and techniques.

So whether you want to learn more for your own health and well being or to deepen your knowledge and experience sufficiently in order to guide and teach others; you have come to the right place.

If you have always wanted to run meditation groups, but need some training, confidence and understanding, then you have come to the right place. The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation is a very comprehensive, accessible and affordable course that gives you the qualification and training you need as well as elective choices that allow you to specialize in the areas of meditation you most want to teach or enjoy; children’s meditation, individual meditation therapy, teaching meditation workshops and classes, chakra based meditation or developing and deepening your personal meditation practice with new techniques. This course also teaches you to create meditations intuitively based on a solid understanding of meditation theory and the energy of guiding meditations for groups. You will absolutely love the unique features and choices that only this course offers.

All of our courses can be completed in the comfort of your own home, in your own meditation space.  With plenty of one on one support from our dedicated and encouraging coaches.

So explore our site, download out Course Prospectus by entering your details on the right, and we look forward to being a part of your amazing life journey!